23 April 2018

Matapopore wishes to clarify that fees paid to it by the Christchurch City Council for cultural advice on the new $38 million QEII Recreation and Sports facility do not include payment for the name Taiora.


The work Matapopore has been engaged in on the new QEII facility – conducted over the past twelve months at a cost of $18,800 – includes historical research, the writing of a cultural narrative and cultural context maps used to inspire the interior design, and work towards an animated digital panel that will feature community and ecological stories, including one about Ngāi Tūāhuriri. The fee also included collaboration with the building designers on a facade feature panel that reflects the cultural narrative and ecology of the area, and research on appropriate names for rooms within the facility.


There was no charge for the name of the facility itself, Taiora, which was suggested following the research Matapopore undertook for the development as a whole.


Matapopore was established by Ngāi Tūāhuriri to provide professional architectural, landscape design and cultural consultancy services to the Crown and the Christchurch City Council to bring to life cultural aspects of the Central City Recovery Plan in a meaningful way. It provides historical research and narrative writing, and specialist advice on Ngāi Tūāhuriri / Ngāi Tahu histories, including the interpretation of cultural stories and values into design elements. It also provides arts management and events co-ordination, including the opening and blessing of new buildings and public spaces.


It charges a market rate and believes its work makes the cultural history and values of our city and the region more accessible to the public, benefitting the whole community and providing a richer visitor experience.


Matapopore has worked on more than 40 projects across the city including the co- authoring of public design guidelines such as the Christchurch Central Streets and Spaces Design Guide which won two national awards.


The website – www.matapopore.co.nz – details some of the work is has been involved in. The website also provides a walking tour of completed projects, highlighting the artworks and cultural narratives that have informed the Margaret Mahy Family Playground (Tākaro Ā Poi), Victoria Square, The Terraces and the Literary Trail, Ngā Whāriki Manaaki (woven mats of welcome), The Canterbury Earthquake Memorial (Oi Manawa), The Justice and Emergency Services Precinct (Te Omeka), The Bus Interchange (Hine-Pāka), The South Frame and Greenway (Te Ara Pū Hā).


For further information, contact: Debbie Tikao, 0275544246